Whether you are waiting for Gear S4 (Galaxy Watch)?


Samsung Gear S4 (Galaxy Watch): what we know about the new smartwatches

Eugene Kovalenko

Samsung Gear S4 (Galaxy Watch): what we know about the new smartwatches

In the market of smart watches there are two major players: Apple and Samsung. And if the new Apple Watch consistently come out every year (albeit with minimal differences), the new generation smart watch Samsung users are waiting for the second year (Gear Sport was a sports version of S3 Gear). And in anticipation of an early announcement of the new hours of the Korean company I gathered all the available information about them.


Let’s start with the obvious: new smart watches from Samsung can get a new name. Quite a long time it was assumed that the device will be called Gear S4, but the latest rumors say that the novelty can go under the name of the Galaxy Watch. Possible rebranding is associated, most likely, using a different operating system, but will talk about this further.

Features, display

It is obvious that Samsung will update the hardware in Gear S4, because the current line of smart watches, the company is working on a two-year hardware (Gear S3 Classic, Frontier, Sport Gear). Insider @UniverseIce reports that watch get a larger battery compared to previous generation: 470 mAh vs 380 mAh.

In addition, there is information that Gear S4 will be released in two sizes: 38 mm and 42 mm (similar to Apple Watch). It is also likely that the smart watch will be released in two versions: classic and more sports, as well as Gear S3 (Classic/Frontier), and will be available with a LTE module and without it.

Operating system, chips

And here’s the interesting part: Samsung can replace the operating system Tizen OS on Wear! And it’s quite an unexpected decision, because Tizen has proved effective in past generations of smart watches Samsung. What is the reason for such decision is unknown, but it is possible that the watch will be called Galaxy Watch it to secede from new Gear S, all of the watches in which work on Tizen.

Samsung has already released a smartwatch Android model Galaxy Gear

As for the features of new smartwatch, they will get the pressure sensor, as well as their Assembly,  will be applied to the production process of Panel Level Packaging (PLP). This means that the chipset will take up less space, allowing increased battery.


It is expected that Gear S4 at the start of sales will be assessed as well as Gear S3 is $349. Same starting price and the Apple Watch – the main competitor of the Samsung Gear S4.

Date of announcement/release

The announcement of the new smart watches Samsung needs to take place in August. Perhaps they will show on August 9 at the event Galaxy Unpacked the presentation of the Galaxy Note 9. There is also the possibility that the watch will present on August 31, the same as the last model.

But in selling Gear S4 will not appear immediately and in October-November this year.

Whether you are waiting for Gear S4 (Galaxy Watch)? What do you think about a possible transition to Wear OS? What would you like to see in the new watch?

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