Top 10 Free Games of September: Grab, Install, and Play!

It’s nearly the end of September, time for our new search for some highly addictive, mind-breaking and simply fun-to-play iPad games.

As always, we’ll suggest a list of top 10 free games of September that you can grab, install and play on your tablet computer in no time.

These free games are adorable, intelligent, cool and friendly. You know, at least, one of the titles. It’s Angry Birds HD Free and its variations (Rio and Seasons). This iPad game is a legend now. It has been popular for months in a row, and it keeps on attracting more and more players who lose their minds over it.

As for the rest of the titles, they are also interesting and worth discovering this September.

1. Overkill: This new free game should be awesome since it got 1 million players in 3 days! This is a great result. Do you agree? Overkill works on the iPad now. It has control issue on the iPad 2, but the developers promise a soon update.

Imagine that the world has collapsed years from now. You need to battle against enemies as you are a mercenary. When you kill somebody or destroy something, you are paid for this. You can purchase new weapons (choose between 12 various ones: AK-47, MAG, MARV, etc.) and upgrade what you already have.

There are over 80 achievements, much blood and explosions for you to enjoy.

2. Lane SplitterWill you ever forgive it yourself if you miss your wedding? Surely, you won’t, if this is your dream wedding. The same is with Jake Melton. Maybe he made a lot of mistakes in his life, still this time he will make everything the right way. He’ll be on time for his wedding, and you are the one who’ll help him.

Lane Splitter is an addictive arcade iPad game. You get to ride a sport bike. The speeds are extreme and insane. There are too many careless drivers on your way so you have to be careful and attentive.

Drive as fast as you can but hang on for your life. Mind, if you have an old iDevice, the game might be freezing. Developers are currently working on this issue.

3. Angry Birds HD FreeAngry Birds is a true leader among other iPad games. It always appears on our lists of top free and paid games. It’s simple and fun to play, its graphics are funny and rules are easy-to-follow.

You get 15 levels to play along with 5 mini episodes. You can post your scores on leaderboards.

Just save the Angry Birds by fighting green pigs. Use your logic and skills to crush your enemies.

4. Angry Birds Seasons HD FreeThis is another free version of Angry Birds. This time it is devoted to St. Patrick’s Day.

This is probably the greenest episode of the game. You can pop pigs, as always, and enjoy the holiday for 12 long levels. Besides, you can cash in on fortunate pots of gold. Isn’t it cool?

If you really enjoy the Irish spirit, you can email St. Patrick’s Day cards to your friends.

5. Angry Birds Rio HD Free for iPadWelcome to Brazil, as our heroes are shipped to Rio de Janeiro.

You can imagine how angry the birds are now! They were kidnapped and forced to leave their motherland. Surely, the gam’s main characters can’t sit in the cages for too long. They finally escape their captors and have to help their friends who are macaws (Blu and Jewel).

What do you get this time? Enjoy 6 fun levels for free and go for new achievements. Defeat the smugglers and enjoy this free new adventure.

6. Paradise Island HDThis game has become #1 game in five countries around the world. It is designed for people who miss summer and dream about building their own paradise. You can play it in your free time.

Pretend you are a businessman. Your goal is to attract more tourists to visit your nice sunny beaches. What can you do to reach this goal? Build casinos, discos, restaurants and other centers to make your empire bloom.

7. Doodle Jump: HOP the MovieEaster is almost a month away from now, but you can already enjoy this holiday.

Meet the son of the Easter Bunny named E.B. He is about to become the Easter Bunny, but he has to become a professional in super-jumping. You can help him to practice and improve his jumping skills at a candy factory.

You get 25 unlockable levels for having fun. Gather Easter eggs at the end of each level and move further.

8. Garage Inc. HDLet’s go back to the past. It’s 1920s, and you are in Chicago. You are immigrant Angelo Marito. You get a loan from your cousin and you start your own auto repair business.

You can hire employees to work in your auto garage, fix vehicles and get pleasure from this free iPad game.

What can we add? Garage Inc. HD is an addictive time management game. If you love cars, tuning and styling, download it and play it on your tablet computer.

9. Words With Friends HD FreeIt’s true that millions of users from all over the world are addicted to this free version of the popular iPad game. It’s a real time killer. You make your brains burn in order to create the longest word that will double or triple your score.

You can play it with your friends or random people you meet online. You can chat with your opponents and experience up to 20 games played at the same time.

You’ll get a push notification each time it’s your turn to play.

10. Fruit Ninja HD LiteHaven’t you had a taste of this free game yet? Hurry up and get it for free.

Fruit Ninja allows you swiping your iPad screen to delightfully slice fruit as if you are a real ninja warrior. Just be attentive as bombs are waiting for you there to end your juicy voyage.

Be successful and you’ll get a chance to unlock amazing new backgrounds and blades. If you like your results, share them with other players via Facebook or Twitter.

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