A weekly selection of apps on android part 1

Smash Hit

Description: a sensational project in the vastness of both operating systems, whether iOS or Android. Being addictive, like some kind of Flappy Bird, made it not much better and better. Music, the colors, the graphics along with the physical model of the behavior of elements – all intended to you didn’t leave her soon and made simply great.

Your goal is to destroy blocks of varying degrees of strength using a limited number of balls, so the “rave” they need to accurately, economically spending stock (running on the broken glass pyramids scattered here and there in the levels). Not managed to smash – hit and lost balls, after which the game will end. She, being a single entity, is broken by using savepoints on changing levels. Over time, the game becomes much harder, and then, in the course from the player starts to go only the speed of decision-making and the accuracy of hitting, but basic ingenuity. “Passing” levels of the game will be endless, where it will mix all the many types of obstacles encountered early.

It is worth noting and support cloud save of progress with Google+ and Play Games is one of the few and rare representatives of the “right” made the game for our beloved Android platform.

Price: free, but this version is very limited in features

Shadow Blade/Shadow Blade Light

Description: very high-quality platformer where you control a ninja-killer. Various levels, a lot of “skills” excellent animation of the movements as the player’s character and opponents, authentic and adjusts to the proper way soundtrack – are all present in Shadow Blade. Collect scattered throughout the levels manuscripts and shuriken, fight with opponents and stacked in a limited time period to become a true ninja master.

Price: $2/free


Description: usually “oO” – smile, indicating confusion. Probably the game with the same name will cause the first time someone has such feelings, but it is actually simple in concept and complex – during the actually game.

There is a small area in contact with each other large circles, inside of which there is a small white ball, and that you can manage. All that is required of you – time to press the screen more precisely, when moving clockwise or counterclockwise a small ball will be ready to proceed to the next round. The fact that clicking your “main character” changes its position, moving from the inside of the circle on its outside, and it is on this and built the whole gameplay.

Naturally, over time the circles will start appearing obstacles that you must overcome. Accuracy and speed are the key to your success. Great game I can recommend to everyone, in its content and addictively is practically a complete analog lead today’s edition of Smash Hit.

Price: $2

God of Light

Description: very meditative game, with a corresponding musical sound and graphics support (by the way, for the music meets the notorious group UNKLE, which you can hear in, say, the TV series “Misfits” [“Trash”]). You are a bundle of energy, whose task is to cover the entire screen, paving the way for the beam with a relay of its reflecting surfaces, simultaneously hitting all the prisms, located on level. This way, the former at first simple, becomes complex and thorny, because of what you create figures become simply a feast for the eyes.

Price: free ingame purchase

Dual Survivor

Description: original design, where control is at the same time with both hands, and they have different things on at first symmetrical levels. Place one your hand on my head and one on my stomach and try to pet him in a circle your stomach a little Pat on the head. Whether to perform this simple classic test for the development of both hemispheres of the brain? If Yes, then it’s not so bad, and Dual Survivor play you are likely to be very successful.

Price: $3.23

Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous

Description: a typical but high-quality representative of the arcades, where you have to survive from the huge number of enemies who want to tear you to pieces. In the case of Redonkulous is also very bright, colorful, life-giving.

Price: $2.88

Broken Sword 5

Description: the fifth part of the classic line quests. Unfortunately, not the smallest amount you will get only the first episode, while the second will be available later in the form of purchases. If you like the games in the first place the plot and the need to include in work and her brain, Broken Sword 5 can be an excellent choice. It is significant that the developers have attended and high-quality Russian translation that adds another half a point-a point at the top.

Price: $8.35

Gobliiins Trilogy

Description: another representative of the quest, this time really classic, because the whole infamous trilogy “the goblins” came out in the early 90s! Redesigned the control and interface for easy interaction with touch screens is adjacent to the much-loved world of the game and her funny jokes. Gobliiins Trilogy is a wonderful opportunity to see the games in the series (except the fourth relatively fresh) a younger generation of players.

Price: $3.5

Out There

Description: received large number of awards, positive reviews and the highest ratings in the gaming press project, a story about exploring space and the planets. We would like to highlight the dash, while playing the impression that you are watching an animated comic rather than the usual “digital” graphics. Planetary exploration is the extraction of mineral resources, which have come to an end at the most inopportune moment. In addition, you will have to improve your flying ship to save oxygen and contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Minus the game, perhaps one is initially difficult to understand what was happening, but where.

Price: $3.54

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