20 Vega GPU is much more powerful than we thought

If you have a gaming video card AMD GPU Vega 20 it does come, it can be very powerful
A month ago, AMD showed the world’s first seminomatous GPU. We do not call his name but everybody call him Vega 20.

I call it the same but keep in mind that in the end AMD might use a different name. In General, during the announcement details are not disclosed. We were told that the GPU is produced according to the process of 7 nm, contains 32 GB of memory HBM2 and will be the basis of accelerators Radeon Instinct.

However, later it became known that the probability of exit slot graphics cards on this GPU still exists, but is especially a lip do not unroll. Actually, this news about what roll you really want.

The point is that it was supposed, though from a technical point of view Vega 20 Vega 10 differs a little, that is, contains the same 4096 stream processors. And in this case, a hypothetical updated Radeon RX Vega 64 special interest and did not cause. So will the increase due to higher frequencies, well be reducing power consumption, but Nvidia have a new generation on the nose.

However, there are data indicating that playing “VEGA 2” still stands. Japanese journalists have calculated that the area of the Vega GPU 20 is about 360 mm2, which is 30% smaller than the area of the Vega 10. In this case, receiving data from GlobalFoundries, they estimated that the density of transistors at the process of 7 nm is approximately twice higher than 14 nm. Thus, it appears that the density has doubled, and the die area was reduced by only 30%. Hence, a logical conclusion that the execution units have Vega 20 is actually a lot more than the Vega 10.

More specifically, the blocks 90-96 CU around, and this corresponds to 5760-6144 stream processors! That is, they are about 40-50% more than the Vega 10. And if we add the estimated increase of the frequency, we get a theoretical performance increase to 50-65% off!

That is, if RX is now 64 Vega competes well with the GTX 1080, hypothetical Vega 2 (as she was called) could circumvent the GTX 1080 Ti and to compete with some of the expected novelties Nvidia! And this despite relatively reduced current adapters power consumption. Thus, according to the leaks, the senior new Nvidia will be based on a 12-nanometer GPU, and seminomatous will come in the next year.

Based on these figures, delayed start adapters Navi doesn’t look so catastrophic. Unfortunately, the start playing cards with GPU Vega 20 is still a big question. In the near future just such a card do not wait as the production of plates with seminomatous crystals now costs about $ 10,000, which is twice more expensive than plate with 14-nanometer blanks. With this math it is unlikely AMD will release the card game, and now professional adapters when they are almost full technical identity with the game, have a much greater margin.

But the prices eventually fall, so next year maybe we will get a super-VEGA. In the meantime will have to settle for the available maps and the upcoming restart of the generation of Polaris. Well, or take the new Nvidia adapters, though still worth a look for any price tags, a company will put.

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